Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Congrats to LSU

Being that we are living literally 10 miles from the Lousiana Border, we have a lot of LSU fans that attend our church.

I want to say a Big Congrats to LSU. I have followed Matt Flynn's career since he was the QB at Tyler Lee High School. I'm happy to see him go out with the National Championship.

I'm also happy to see Georgia's president propose a playoff system. Here's the basis for his system....8 teams seeded by a selection committee. The first 4 games would be the 4 Current BCS Bowls, then there would be games the following two Saturdays.

I am in favor of a playoff system. However, under the current system, LSU is the National Champ. While people may argue for USC or Georgia, bottom line is LSU won the National Championship.

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