Friday, November 9, 2007

Sports Musings

1. What a game last night! I stayed up and watched the Mavs game against the Warriors. Both teams were missing key people, but it looks like the Mavs can run with the more athletic Warriors this year. Brandon Bass was huge! He had a double-double. Great game! Dirk was huge in the 4th. 4-1 to start the year.

2. How' bout them Cowboys! 7-1 at the half way point of the season. I have enjoyed watching their games this year. I haven't seen everyone of them....especially the afternoon games. I usually head back to the church around 3. They have a big game with the Giants this week.

3. Yes, I am a Baylor fan. My family moved to Waco when i was 11. Several years, my parents had season tickets to the games back in the Southwest Conference Days. I had always cheered for the Longhorns....and still do. However, I became a fan of the Bears. Let's just say the last 12+ years have not been kind to the Bears. Multiple media outlets (Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News and ESPN) reported last night that the current head coach will be let go at the end of the season. Guy Morriss has done a good job of getting the program on the right track. However, they have had a few setbacks this year. The candidate of choice is legendary Bears (both Baylor and Chicago) Linebacker, Mike Singletary. I hope he is the next head coach. I always liked him as a player. The only drawback to Singletary is a little video called the Super Bowl Shuffle. How embarrassing! :)

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Paul Hearren said...

Item #1:

Unfortunately, for the Mavs, this wasn't a playoff game. Sorry, I couldn't resist.