Monday, September 10, 2007

What a great weekend!

1) We had a great weekend at Cornerstone! First, we had our biggest attendance since we became pastors at Cornerstone! There were 98 people here yesterday! I'm so grateful to God for what he is doing! Thank you, Church Family, for bringing your friends and family! Together, we are going to see over 100 people attending Cornerstone real soon!

2) I heard great reports from our Kid's Ministry! Yesterday was the first day for the Kids to began their service at 10:45! They began a new curriculum called Got Questions? Patti and her team are doing an excellent job with our kids.

3) We also had two people rededicate their life to Christ. It is awesome when someone sees their need for Jesus.

4) I had a great time communicating the message on Gluttony. I will be posting some notes from it in the next couple of days!

5) It's always a good weekend when the Cowboys win! :) How 'bout them Cowboys!

1 comment:

Paul Hearren said...

Congrats on the great sunday...sounds like it is going well.

And, yes, how 'bout those Cowboys? They just need to keep it up.