Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cracking Your Church's Culture Code Blog Tour

I've been reading an incredible book by Dr. Sam Chand entitled "Cracking Your Church's Culture Code." Dr. Chand bring a vast array of experience and knowledge to the subject of Church Culture. This book is based on the premise that "Culture-not vision or strategy- is the most powerful factor in an organization." Dr. Chand presents his seven keys of culture. He also analyzes the five different types of cultures. He describes how you can begin to affect culture by starting with yourself.

This book is insightful. Dr. Chand's wit and humor along with his captivating story telling ability is permeated throughout the book. I highly recommend this to every pastor and church leader. This book also comes with a link to a free culture survey. The survey allows the senior leader of an organization to send out links to that organizations personalized survey. Then, after everyone has completed the survey, the senior leader will receive the results.

Great book, Dr. Chand! I've enjoyed reading it!

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