Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leadership lesson from the Cowboys coaching change

The Cowboys made a predictable choice with the hire of Wade Phillips. Phillips, a mild mannered country boy, was brought into to replace the tough minded Bill Parcells. Phillips is a players coach. The Tuna is no nonsense. Unfortunately, the Cowboys made the choice many organizations make with new hires. They try and replace a former leader by swinging the pendulum the complete opposite way. It works initially, but doesn't last long term.

This is why I want Jon Gruden to be the next Coach of the Cowboys. The Cowboys have become undisciplined and soft. Gruden's tough minded approach would remind people of the days of the Tuna or dare I say.....Jimmy. Now, I know what you're thinking.....isn't that a pendulum swing...the answer is No. Gruden can come down hard, but then you make a good play and he's giving you that Chucky grin. The solution is Balance. Somewhere between Tuna and Wade is where Gruden is. He's a tough minded player's coach.

Regardless of who puts on the Star next season, I will still cheer for the Cowboys. I hope Jerry reads my blog. LOL

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