Friday, July 16, 2010

What's Happening?

1. Summer has been busy. We are in the middle of family month at church! It has been awesome. Church is the only place we call something family night and then send everyone to their separate activities. So, led by our Pastor, we decided to bring everyone together for family month. It has been awesome. We had Skittles come and do a concert. The deal was that if we had over 200 at the show that Pastor and I would get a pie in the face. The church did it and the pie tasted great! This Sunday, the Xtreme Kids will be in the choir loft helping us with the worship!

2. At the end of June, we took a much needed vacation to San Antonio. I will blog more about that next week. San Antonio is a great place.

3. We've had a series of activities for our 180 students called "Boredom Busters." So far, we've had Water Wars, gone to the Boardwalk in Shreveport and my personal favorite was a canoe/kayak trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Ambush Adventures is a great outfitter in Broken Bow. We did a 4 mile trip down the river. It was lot of fun. I can't wait to do that again. :)

4. The girls are enjoying their summer. They have taken swimming lessons. They both made huge steps during those lessons. Sasha has stayed busy keeping the house clean and going, doing activities with us, getting ready for school to start in a month and taking classes. We've had a lot of fun so far, but it is not over yet.

5. So, sorry that I haven't updated the blog in over a month. I will begin posting more regularly now. Also, you will see an occasional book review on my blog. I have signed up to review some books on my blog. It is a blast. I'm posting one tonight! In the next few weeks, I'll review books by Charles Swindoll and the new one from Bill Hybels that comes out in August. So, be watching for more things to come. :)

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