Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Christmas Season Highlights so far...

1. Worship Team Christmas Party - lots of fun and laughter.

2. Board and Staff Christmas Party at Osaka- good food, Pee Pee man and great friends

3. Watching the girls sing at church and school functions

4. 180 Christmas Fiesta - Santa Claus wearing a sombrero, spicy food, $300 for Speed The Light and More laughter

5. Putting a Barbie Doll House Together while watching Star Wars and listening to my Dad talk about payback. Lol

6. Shopping with my wife for the girls

7. Student Ministries Team Party - awesome Italian food, Sha Dee Dee's present, Grams in a Cowboys Santa Hat and more laughter

8. Continuing the Posey Family Tradition of reading the real Christmas story at my Grandaddy and Granny's house

9. Dream Team Awards Banquet - so proud of the people who make Northside happen

10. Butcher shop pie at Sasha's grandfather's house

11. Watching the girls open their presents

12. Being with my wife and girls

Blessings to you all,
Rusty, Sasha, Madelyn and Mackenzie

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