Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trusting God

Last night, we had an incredible service. J.P., Jocelyn, CheyAnne, Chase and Seth did a stellar job leading us into worship. At the end of the worship set, I felt like I was supposed to ask one of the students to share about what she is trusting God for right now. She shared for several minutes on the trials that her family has been going through and how she has trusted God. She went on to tell about the joy that she has in the midst of the trials.

I spoke asking the question "Do we trust God?" Do we trust God for direction, provision, salvation, etc.? At the close of the service, we had one student commit his life to Christ. I loved seeing our team praying with kids in the altar.

God is cool....I'm glad I get to come along on his journey. :)

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