Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Navigating the Busy Seasons of Life

October has been an incredibly busy month for the Posey Household. This month, we have navigated through our normal routines as well as additional activities for the entire family. There have been weeks that we had something every night of the week. Every weekend has been full of activities. Add on to that unexpected health problems for a couple of family members and it has been quite a month. Overall, it has been a great month. There are several things that I learned during this time that I want to pass on.

1. Enjoy the moment! Many of our activities have centered around our kids ball games or school activities. There were times I reminded myself or had a older person remind me that these days are not forever and to cherish these moments. They will not be playing ball or cheering forever. I want to do my best to enjoy these moments while they last.

2. Guard your time off! There were times when we did have a night off or a cancellation gave us an unexpected night off. It is important to take time to rest and relax. In these times, choose not to fill up the calendar with other things. Bottom line: It is ok to say no.

3. Eat together as much as possible! In busy seasons, it is so easy to run through the drive thru or have everyone eat at their convenience. Fortunately, for our family, those night were relatively few. Sasha made sure we had a meal in the crock pot or something quick to prepare so we could all eat together. The family meal time is important because we are all around the table with minimal distractions (our TV is in the other room). This is a time we hear about each others days and can talk about what is coming up.

4. Don't neglect your time with God! When you are in a busy season, it is easy to let your devotional time go or make excuses why you can't go to church. When we do these things, we are showing our families that God is not as important as whatever activity or event we choose to place before him. Choose to make Him a priority during busy seasons.

What lessons have you learned navigating through a busy season in life?

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