Saturday, May 1, 2010

Michael Irvin on Dez Bryant wearing his number

"When I first got here, there were co-habitating mixed emotions. I was excited and honored that they would honor me with Drew Pearson’s number. But also worried and anxious that I would uphold what Drew had started with No. 88. It’s not my number. It really is Drew’s. It was passed on to me and for me I took it as a place of honor, and hopefully [Bryant] understands that. It’s Drew Pearson’s number. Drew gave it to me and said, ‘Michael, go do better things with it.’ And I tell Bryant, ‘Go do better things with it.’ And God bless him."

I absolutely love the potential of Dez Bryant. I really hope he can be a great wide receiver and not have the struggles off the field that Irvin had early in his career.

Maybe Irvin should invite Dez to the Potter's House with him.

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