Monday, December 3, 2007

From the recesses of my mind.....

1. We had a great day yesterday at Cornerstone. Last night service was great. Jimmy White, Pastor of Northside Church, came and spoke on the glory of God. It was a fantastic message and we had a great time in the altars.

2. College Football needs a playoff system. I have said this before but maybe someone from the NCAA will find this blog and read it. :) Take the top 16 teams according to the automatic bids. Then, you would need 14 bowls plus the championship game to get on board. You could still rotate the championship game between the various bowl sites or you could get brand new venues on board (example Jerry's World...aka Cowboys new stadium). Currently, there are 31 bowls, plus the championship game. So, there could still be 17 bowl games of non-playoff teams. With this system, you would have 14 less teams in bowl games. It would make the bowl games more exciting and bring in more money (which is what the bowls are all about). You would still get the top 50 teams in college football in bowl games. It makes sense. You would still have disagreements over who should get in to the playoffs...much like March Madness and the "bubble" teams. However, I would rather argue the merits of BYU (the current #17 team in the BCS) deserving to be in the playoffs over Tennessee (the #16 team in the BCS) than have a faulty system without a true champion. The playoffs could start the third weekend of December (after finals) and still end Monday, January 7th.

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