Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So, I had hoped to launch a new site today. It just is not going to happen. So, I hope you will be patient while I still do the redesign.

Some quick bullet points.

Sasha and I are doing great. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. :)

I spent yesterday working with my Dad and Grandaddy. We moved a bunch of stuff at my Grandaddy's business. I even drove the forklift. :) We're headed back out today to do some more work.

NFL schedules were released yesterday. The Cowboys have a brutal schedule....especially the last five games. I'm pumped that they have 6 nationally televised games though.....3 Sunday Night games on NBC, 1 Monday Night game on ESPN, 1 Saturday game on NFL Network and Thanksgiving Day against the Raiders. I don't have high hopes this year. I hope they make the playoffs.

For all you Guardian they release their new I can't wait. :)

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